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With absenteeism costing the UK economy over £15 billion every year, employee health and wellbeing is one issue you can’t afford to ignore1.

Our 2nd year

Now in its second year, Britain’s Healthiest Company is the first initiative of its kind in the UK that seeks to understand just how healthy the nation’s workers really are.

By understanding the greatest health risks your employees face, you can take action to help reduce absence rates, increase employee engagement and improve your bottom line as a result.

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What is Britain’s Healthiest Company?

We believe that employers are in a unique position to make a positive impact on the health of Britain’s workers that will not only improve the lives of those individuals, but could also improve the rate of absence and the associated costs to businesses.

Our Objectives

1 To gain greater understanding of the burden of disease and the prevalence of lifestyle risk factors in the workplace i.e. those lifestyle behaviours and lifestyle factors that affect health e.g. smoking, lack of exercise and poor diet
2 To better understand employee attitudes to health and their motivation to make positive changes
3 To understand how effective current workplace policies, facilities and interventions are in engaging employees in their health and wellbeing
4 To benchmark the performance of participating companies across a broad spectrum of interventions and health and productivity outcomes
5 To further develop the financial case for investment by companies in employee health and wellbeing

SOURCES: 1. Health at Work – an independent review of sickness absence. Dame Carol Black, David Frost CBE November 2011

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86% of respondents have a Vitality Age greater than their actual age, averaging a difference of 4.1 years  More »
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Lifestyle behaviours are related, resulting in 60% of people having multiple risk factors e.g. people who smoked were found to be more likely to eat poorly and do less exercise  More »
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